Tips on Where to Install Home Security Cameras

The presence of a home security installation such as cameras and sensors can heighten your sense of security in your own home. While helping you to keep an eye out for trespassers and strays animals, it can also help to prevent or collect evidence of break-ins, acts of vandalism as well as burglary. Such cameras can help you to remotely monitor the safety of your home or keep an eye on your kids when they are left under the care of babysitters.

Of course, they are not as effective as sturdy front door locks which act as real barriers. But still, sensors and other such security equipment can warn you against potential risks and give you the peace of mind you need to have a good night’s rest!

Home security digital systems need to be installed at the right places for the best results. Here are some of the best locations:

Near the garage door

Perfect location if you want to avoid car theft. Install cameras outside, directly above the driveway. Sensors will alert you of people attempting to mess with the garage door while the camera will capture live footage of the same. In this way, instead of trying to prevent a break-in by yourself, you will be able to keep yourself safe by calling 911 instead.

You can also install high-quality cameras pointed around the perimeter to capture the license plates and the clear images of suspicious strangers loitering around for the security of your home.

Front and back doors

This is, of course, a no-brainer. Installing a security camera above the front door will help you to check whether it is the delivery guy with your pizza or an armed thief trying to force entry. You can also get the systems which help you to talk to people at the front door.


Burglars often use exterior pipes to climb onto balconies and then break into apartments. So don’t forget to install security cameras here. French windows and those which open up to the main street can also have cameras installed above them.

Keep the layout of your house in mind while determining the number of cameras you need. Purchase wide-angle security cameras and install them at difficult-to-reach places so that they cannot be tampered with. Make sure that you get them cleaned and serviced regularly. Apart from this, you can also contact your local locksmith for a home security assessment. Getting deadbolts for your front and back doors or rekeying home locks can go a long way in ensuring