The best ways to burglar-proof windows

Burglars commonly break into homes through windows because they are much easier to deal with than door with several locks. This is why it is extremely important to secure windows and ensure that they are strong enough to keep intruders at bay. Here are some ways to burglar-proof your windows.

1) Grills, bars and more

Most windows often give away quite easily. Burglars with the right set of tools can unlatch windows from outside by removing the window panes. However, you can enhance your home’s security by installing bars, grates and other deterrents. This will make it difficult for burglars to break in even if they do manage to get past the first line of security.

Ensure that the grill door’s quick release lever or lock mechanism won’t be reachable from the outside, even if the burglar manages to smash the window panes. But before you think of putting up window grills, go over the fire code and cross check whether such home safety measures are permitted in your building.

2) Get sturdy window locks

Discuss your options with us and we'll advise on the best way of securing your windows with locks to prevent break-ins. Window latches which are just sufficient to keep windows closed are never enough. They can often be broken by sliding a knife through window cracks. Invest in high-quality window locks instead, just like you would do for your doors.

Burglars will make a run for it if they realize that breaking in is taking too much of their time. Installing window locks will deter them as they do not want to risk getting caught lingering around your windows for too long.

If you have French windows, you can consider installing several locks to heighten the security of your home.

3) Burglar-resistant glass and window alarms

Get shatter-proof, tempered window panes which are harder to break than ordinary glass. You can also consider attaching security window films to prevent breakage of glass. This is a very effective method to stop people from breaking and entering into your home.

Apart from this, you can install window security alarm systems which will inform you in case of a break-in. Although a bit expensive, this will actually give you the peace of mind you need!

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