Situations Wherein You Should Rekey Your Locks

It is important to understand the difference between rekeying and changing locks. Replacing a lock is generally more expensive while rekeying can be done by the local locksmith quickly and for less than the cost of a new lock.

Rekeying a lock involves altering the key pins of old locks so that a new key can fit comfortably into it.

There are key pins inside locks which correspond to the shape of the key. Once you get a lock rekeyed, the old key will no longer be useful in opening the rekeyed lock as the combination will be different, as per the brand new key.

Here are some situations when you should consider rekeying your locks:

1) You lost the key

Unable to find the primary key? Then don’t just keep using the duplicate one. This is because the main key is still out there, which can be used to enter your home.

Whether you lost it at your workplace, the supermarket or in the house itself, rekey the locks to make your house a safer place. This will help you to stop worrying about who else has the keys to your house locks.

2) You bought or rented a new property

When you move into a new home, rekey the locks because the former owners might have duplicate keys which can be used to unlock the existing locks. Many people might have rented the property before you did and so there might be numerous people with access to your new residence’s locks.

If you have a roommate or a housekeeper who has access to the house keys, consider rekeying the old locks after they leave.

Many apartment owners also hold master keys which can be used to unlock doors in the absence of the tenant, As a tenant, you can get the key pins changed so that the door can’t be unlocked using the master key, thus ensuring the safety of your valuables.

You can also consider rekeying your locks with the help of a residential locksmith so that all your house’s locks can be unlocked using a single key. In addition to this, you should rekey your locks instead of changing them when the keys become old, blunt and rusty,

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