Sunday Night Truck Running !

Late night Sunday John needed our 24 hour service to get him back into his truck.  His truck was running and he needed lockout service quick. We were able to unlock his truck and get him back on the road within 15 minutes!


House Lock Out!

Home lockout service.  Keys were locked in the home after home was serviced by carpet cleaners for a new tenant move in.  Landlord called from out of state and we were able to respond within 20 minutes.  Got the door open before the new tenant arrived and re-keyed other entry doors to match front entry key as well to make the locks more convenient for landlord and tenant.


Quick Dinner Pizza Run!

Angela called us while she was getting pizza and accidentally left her keys in her running van and locked herself out.  With our 24 hour service we arrived within 15 minutes unlocked the car and got her on her way home with her hot pizza!


All The Way From Tennessee!

Adam brought some warm southern hospitality to our cold Midwest city of Des Moines.  In town for business, Adam accidentally locked himself out of his car. He searched for a Des Moines Locksmith open 24 hours and found us. We love meeting and being able to help our customers. Adam is such a nice person, it reminds us of why we love what we do! He's so tall the picture won't even fit!


Habitual Car Lock Out-er!

Leslie needed our locksmith services fast.  She called other locksmiths who weren't able to get to her until an hour .  We arrived within 15 minutes and had her on her way.  Leslie accidentally locked her keys in her trunk but she was happy we were able to get there quickly and get it open damage free! She confessed, she's a habitual key-left-in-car kind of person. It's ok, she has on speed dial now I hope!


DIY Change Lock Project Went Wrong!

Homeowner was replacing a new keyed security entrance knob and the existing screw stripped.  Failing with home remedies, homeowner decided to call us.  We were able to fix and replace with her new knob and also make the new key work for the existing deadbolt that she had no key for. Sometimes DIY projects end up being more difficult than they should be.  If it is, you can call us!


Truck Keys Locked Inside!

Hanger and oh hanger on the other side too! Customer tried getting in with the coat hanger method and was able to push the unlock button but that doesn't work for all vehicles.  She was happy we were able to open it so quickly after she and some friends had already tried for so long.


Dealer Key Copy Wouldn't Open Door!

Customer had a new car door entry key made from a local dealership but did not have the car there when making the new key.  She realized later that the key did not work for the door.  She called down the list of 24 hour locksmiths but we were the only 24 hour locksmith that answered.  Please beware of the local locksmith scammers that advertise $15-$19 fees.  It's bait and switch costing you in upwards of $125!


Locked Out, Outside of the Jail!

Sure we'll break into a vehicle in front of the Polk County Jail! Legally, that is. Keys were locked inside the car but not anymore.  Locksmith services quick and convenient for all our customers is what we strive for.


Fuel Control Box Short Circuited!

Called to open a fuel control pump because it had short circuited. Had it open in less than a minute and got the driver back on his route.