Moving to a New Home? Call a Locksmith ASAP!

Moving into a new home? Congratulations!

You might have a lot on your mind since moving into your new place. Were there people living there before you? Are the exits and entrances secure enough to keep intruders away?

You should keep these questions in mind when thinking about securing your home.

This is where you need the assistance of reliable locksmiths. They will conduct a security check of your property and make an assessment regarding whether the deterrents in place are enough to keep your family safe.

Here are the ways professional and legitimate locksmiths can help you to secure a new property.

1) Changing locks

The property might be great but the locking systems in place might be ancient! In such cases, it is extremely important to upgrade the home’s security by installing new locks. You can choose from a variety of them and can also consider selecting modern, smart locks for your home. Many people believe that they can change door and window locks by themselves. But if you are moving into a new home, then it’s best to call a residential locksmith to get the job done. They will advise you on the best locks for your home while ensuring that no damage is done to your doors and windows during lock installation.

2) Re-keying

You should consider this if you are moving into an apartment or a property that has changed hands frequently. Many people who lived there before you might have copies of the primary key and this can pose a serious security risk. In fact, there have been reports of numerous burglaries with no sign of forced entries or break-ins. In such cases, someone else possessing a duplicate key to the property is more often than not the reason. This issue can be resolved by rekeying the locks instead.

3) Installing new locks

Renovating a house before moving is extremely common. You might have had windows installed, created new entrances to the backyard or built partitions between rooms. But you will also have to secure these new entry and exit points. So contact a local locksmith to discuss the best possible way forward.

515 Locksmith is a family-run business which offers all these emergency locksmith services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Contact them to get a security assessment done on your new property today.