5 Ways You Can Avoid Being Scammed

Lost your keys?

You will probably whip out your phone and start searching for a locksmith in your area, calling the first 24/7 locksmith business which appears on Google.

But how would you know a true professional from those that may perform shoddy work?

To avoid being a victim of amateur locksmiths, here are some things you should look out for:

  1. When you call up a locksmith, there is a chance that your call might be directed to a call center. It’s a good chance that this is a larger company and like most go through new staff and new hires quite frequently, meaning that the locksmith performing the work has not had a lot training in order to get prepped for the role.

  2. Scammers usually quote an extremely low price over the phone so that you fall into their trap and ask them to help you out. But when the work is finished, they might set you back by a hundred dollars. Ask them about any overhead charges and don’t believe the fixed charges you see on internet ads.

  3. Authentic and reputable residential locksmith businesses have wrapped vehicles with the name and logo of the company displayed on them.

  4. Authentic locksmiths will ask for some kind of ID so that they can verify that you live in the property or the locked car is indeed yours.

  5. Inexperienced locksmiths will suggest breaking open the lock instead of picking it. Real auto locksmiths can pick car locks easily. In fact, they will also come up with measures to ensure that you can use the old lock again. At the same time, they won’t cause any harm to the door