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How Do Burglars Pick And Choose Home Before Robbery?

Burglars don’t rob randomly. Although it sounds weird, burglars do meticulously choose homes from a number of targets before robbing them. These homes are like shopping malls to them, and they choose the one which will be the easiest to break into while having enough valuables for them to steal so that they call the break-in a successful theft.

Here are some things which make burglars stop in their tracks and mark a particular home to break into…

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3 Things to Do to Safeguard Your Home While on Vacation!

Yes, we know that you are excited about the fact that you will finally be able to take that long needed vacation that you deserve! You have taken the time off of work, booked the tickets, the hotel is lined-up, and bags are packed and ready to go.  But wait, one more important thing is missing from your to-do list: Home Security.  Here are some home security tips before going on a vacation…

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