3 Things to Do to Safeguard Your Home While on Vacation!

Yes, we know that you are excited about the fact that you will finally be able to take that long needed vacation that you deserve!

 You have taken the time off of work, booked the tickets, the hotel is lined-up, and bags are packed and ready to go.

 But wait, one more important thing is missing from your to-do list: Home Security.

 Here are some home security tips before going on a vacation:


1) Make the home lived in

You don’t want your mailbox overflowing with bills and flyers. It would clearly suggest that no one’s home and this would potentially attract burglars. Call up the post office to inform them to hold your mail until you come back.

Or better yet, request your neighbor to keep an eye on your house and collect your mail from time to time.

Also consider paying someone to regularly mow your lawn or to remove snow from your yard as well.


2) Turn off the utilities

If you are going to be away for quite some time, then it’s best that you cut off the water supply. Leaking pipes, when left unattended can destroy your home.

Also, ensure that you unplug all your electronic devices as well as turn off the gas supply.

3) Check doors and windows

The last thing you’d want is to leave your home’s safety and security to a number of worn-down doors and rusty latches/bolts and ancient locks. Oil your locks and door hinges or better, get a professional locksmith to do a safety check and security assessment of your home.

Prevent break-ins by installing better locking systems and getting rid of outdated locks.

Your local 515 Locksmith can advise getting some of them changed based on their condition.

Everyone needs vacations given the fact that all of us lead such busy, stressful lives. One of the best ways you can lower stress is by ensuring the safety of your home.

 So, don’t forget to attend to these three things when you plan for a vacation.