Door lock problems which should be repaired right away

Many people tend to ignore malfunctioning deadbolts and rusty padlocks until it’s an emergency when they are unable to get in or get out because the lock won’t open.

Age-old locks with a host of problems also make your house prone to theft because it’s so much easier to meddle with them and break them. That is why you should do a security assessment of your home every 4-5 months and attend to glaring issues immediately.

These are some of the door and window lock problems you should look out for:

1) Key won’t turn inside the lock easily.

If you have to wrestle with the lock regularly to unlock the door, then you have a problem. This means that your door lock is jammed or the key is misaligned.

Using force might help you to unlock the door, but this is just a short-term remedy and a quick fix. Repeated attempts to open the lock with physical force can damage the internal locking mechanism.

Lubricate the door lock and if the problem persists, then call us for residential locksmith immediately to deal with the underlying problem.

2) Wobbly doorknobs

Doorknobs aren’t supposed to be loose; they are supposed to be fixed tightly to the door which decreases chances of them giving away easily upon being tampered.

If this is something that you are not comfortable fixes yourself, call us to repair them.

3) Lock or barrel cylinder rotates completely.

Now, this is an extremely common and often ignored problem. The cylinder behind the keyhole isn’t supposed to do a 360-degree turn along with the lock!

If it does, then you need to fix the problem as soon as possible because such problematic locks can be opened easily by burglars.

Such a door lock problem usually occurs when the setscrews are loose or damaged. You can tighten them but call a professional locksmith for lock repair if the problem persists.

Keep the door locks lubricated to increase their longevity as well as to ensure that they work smoothly without any glitches. If you haven’t changed your locks for many years, then consider having them checked by us to ensure your home is protected.