4 Warning Signs That Your House is Being Watched

Burglars mark homes and try to know more about the lifestyle of the owners and the neighbors so that they can break-in without being noticed.

They keep a watch over when the residents are not at home, whether they have alarm systems in place, whether they have a dog and so on. Additionally, they also look for clues to ascertain whether the people living in the home are well-off or not. Smarter ones skim through social media check-ins and uploads to zero in upon new targets.

You might be able to thwart a possible burglary attempt by keeping an eye out for the following warning signs:

1. A stranger making rounds of the neighborhood

You might have spotted the individual multiple times. This is because burglars scout for potential targets before making a move to weigh in their chances of getting caught. If you spot a suspicious stranger around, especially after dark, call 911.

2. Missing or unscrewed bulbs

Burglars like to operate under a cover of darkness so that they are not spotted by neighbors while attempting to break in when you are not home. They might damage bulbs or even unscrew them. So keep an eye out for this occurrence.


3. A broken window

Some burglars might try to assess a neighborhood’s reaction to a break-in. So, they might smash a window pane with a rock days before attempting the real robbery. They also do that to check whether you have working alarm systems in place.

4. Vehicles parked in the neighborhood for quite some time

A thief might drive by your house repeatedly to get a better idea about your place. He or she might also park the vehicle near your home to keep watch on your movements. This helps them to know when you leave the house, when you walk the dog, and when your kids leave for school. If you notice shady vehicles around your home, inform 911.

These are some red flags that you should immediately take care of if you want to prevent a break-in. Most people miss these warning signs, that is why it is important to get in touch with a residential locksmith and get a security assessment done of your home.

They will guide you on locking systems and suggest ways to keep your home safe from intruders.

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