7 Reasons Why You Have a Jammed Lock

You return home eagerly, after a particularly tiring day at work. You desperately want to change into comfy clothes, get into bed with a slice of pizza and watch your favorite TV series. But there’s a major obstacle standing between you and happiness - a jammed lock! You can’t get inside your own home no matter how hard you try!

But don’t kick the door; you will end up hurting yourself. If you are unable to unlock the door after repeated attempts, a 24/7 residential locksmith can take care of it right away. 

Here are some reasons why your jammed lock won’t open:

1. Broken or Wrong Key? 

First, make sure that you are using the correct key for the lock. Is the key broken? Or is the key turning completely inside the lock? If this is the case, then you need to call the local locksmith.

2. Check the temperature   

Another reason the key might not work is because of extreme temperatures. If it is too hot, then the door frames or the door itself might expand due to which the lock might get jammed.

In winters, the key might also get frozen due to which you might not be able to unlock the lock with it. You can blow air on the key to unfreeze it. Also, consider more durable options which can withstand extreme temperatures when it comes to doors and their frames.

3. Check the alignment   

The deadbolt might not be aligned properly.  Misalignment can block the door or the lock shaft causing the issues while rotating the key.

4. Rusty Locks?

The lock needs lubrication. If the lock is jammed, then you need to take it apart to lubricate it. Consider calling a locksmith to get the job done. You can avoid such an emergency by lubricating your door locks frequently by yourself.

5.  Too much dirt & gunk?  

The inner mechanisms might be filled with dust and gunk if you haven't unlocked the lock for a long time. Generally, this happens a lot with traditional locks.

6. Faulty Installation?

Improper door lock installation can cause a lot of issues. In some cases, the lock works perfectly fine when installed but after sometime the lock fittings & bolts get loose giving you a jammed lock while rotating your keys.

Some DIY methods might make matters worse so it’s best that you call a registered locksmith. If you live in Des Moines, you can get in touch with 515 Locksmith, a family-owned business which provides emergency unlocking services.