Keep Losing Your Keys? Here’s What You Can Do.

Hate frantically rummaging for keys as you’re running out the door? The tension and stress is unbearable!

Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.

Yet, if you keep misplacing your keys regularly, then you need to admit that something needs to be done about it.

Save yourself the stress!

Here’s what you can do to ensure that you find your keys easily whenever you need them:

Wear your key on a lanyard

There’s a reason why forgetful spectacles people buy glasses with chains. They can simply hang it from their necks when they don’t need it.

Doctors also sometimes wear their rings as pendants when they need to perform surgeries. In this way, they ensure that they don’t lose their treasured possession.

Don’t like the idea of having your house key as a fashion accessory? Then a really colorful key-chain might make your keys easier to spot in your bag or at your desk.

You can also stick glow in the dark stickers on them so that they can be found easily in the dark.

Choose one spot, stick to it.

Your keys shouldn’t be as difficult to find as the Infinity Stones.

Get a key holder for your home and make it a habit to keep your keys there. Fix one place at your office desk as well.

Still lost your key?

Have duplicates in secure places in case you forget or lose your keys. If you don’t have one, then don’t worry. 515 Locksmith is open 24 hours a day and they can get you inside your home or your car in a jiffy and also replace any lost or forgotten keys.

We are a family-run business, one of the top three most reputed and trustworthy locksmiths in Des Moines. Whether you lost your house key, locked yourself out of your car or are simply worried about the security of your residential property, we are always just a call away!